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We fine-combed the nation for Authorized Dealers who not only support us by selling our Amplifiers & Speakers, but we make sure they have experienced installers and knowledgeable sales staff for our premium products. Precision Power’s warranty policy covers only products purchased through our authorized dealer network. Absolutely State of the Art Mobile Audio… (US Only)

      We honor a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the following dealers; however, your original receipt must be provided at the time of submission. Please check out our support page for instructions on proceeding with a return.

      Disclaimer: Though the product might be visibly listed from the online resellers, we DO NOT honor any warranty from them as 3rd Party Retailers. Thus you must contact them directly regarding any warranty issues. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT should you purchase Precision Power products from an unauthorized source, you may be jeopardizing your warranty. We recommend that you seek the guidance of an authorized dealer before purchasing or installing Precision Power products. 

      Products with altered or missing serial numbers void all warranties express or implied, and Precision Power reserves the right to refuse repair of any such unit.