AW.10 Subwoofer

ATOM Series 10″ D2 Subwoofers
 RMS Power 500 Watts
 Mounting Depth 5.50″
 Voice Coil Configuration 2.5″ 2Ω DVC
DVC Configurations:


Intriguing from the first look, ATOM subwoofers offer more than what meets your eyes…

The first thing you noticed was the wild dustcap; it’s not just for your viewing pleasure. The three fins brace the cone and eliminate cone flex during high excursion. And since they are aluminum and couple to the voice coil, they act as a heatsink or heat extractor. Essential to keeping the subwoofers more relaxed and helping them last longer.

ATOM subs use a composite sandwich cone with a polypropylene surface for durability and Spruce pulp backing for smooth low bass. This new series for Precision Power will use an aluminum dust cap that couples to the voice coil former and extends over the cone. Sparing no compromise, the ATOM series’s motor assembly includes an extended tap top plate, which expands the magnetic field results in dynamic sounds & performance quality you demand and expect. ATOM subwoofers are engineering to be a pinnacle of Precision Power, delivering you absolutely state-of-the-art mobile audio.


Cast Aluminum Heatsink Dust Cap

Absorbs & Dissipates heat directly from the thermal voice coil.

Aluminum Dust Cap Strength’s Rigidity

Eliminates cone flex & eradicated distortion during the intense excursion

Dual Poly-Cotton Suspension for Magnetic Gap

Dampens violent accelerations ensuring diaphragm alignment

Hot Forged 1-Piece T-Yoke w/ Center pol & Back Venting

Venting milled into the T-Yoke & Backplate removed by Convention Transfer


AW-10D2 10″ Subwoofer

Fs (hz) 29.24

Qms 5.86

Vas (ft^3) 26.85

Cms (mm/n) 157.62

Mms (g) 179.45

Xmax 22.5

Dia (in.) 10″

Sd (in^2) 1.00Ft³

Vd (ft^3) 2.00Ft³

Qes .67

Re (Ohms) 3.93

Z (Ohms) 4

Pe (Watts) 1,000

Qts .61

SPL 1W/1M 82.20dB

VC DIA (in.) 2.5”

VC (Ohms) 2Ω DVC

Mounting Depth 5.50″


Warranty Procedure 

Please complete the entire Return Authorization Request Form. Read carefully and fill out all the information accordingly. For non-warranty repairs, please provide details of the problem and request an estimate before sending the product. After receiving and approving your completed request, Precision Power will issue a Return Authorization (RA) Number, which will be forwarded to you via e-mail.

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