P.65C3 Components

PowerClass 3-Way Premium Components


Woofer Size 6.5” Woofer
Midrange Size 3″ Driver
Tweeter Size 1″ AMT
Power Handling 400 Watts


Traditional thinking suggests that the human ear can only audibly hear up to 20,000 Hz. So why build a product with reproduction capability to 40,000 Hz? The answer is simple. While we can only audibly hear to 20,000 Hz, there is musical harmonic content well beyond. These higher frequencies harmonics give music texture, presents, and the airiness of a live performance. It is those higher frequencies that give music emotion and touches your other senses. They excite the hair follicles on your arms… your legs… the back of your neck. It makes your audio system sound like you are sitting in front of a live performance.

Tweeter Technology:

  • Adjustable Spin Nut Mounting System
  • Air Motion Tranformer
  • High Power Neo Magnets
  • Integrated Lead Wires

Midrange Technology:

  • Stamped Steel Frame
  • PVC “Sealer” Integrated Trim Ring Grill
  • Natural Fiber Composite Cone
  • Inverted Surround Technology
  • High Power Strontium Ferrite Magnets
  • Integrated Push Terminals

Woofer Technology:

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Frame
  • PVC “Sealer” Integrated Trim Ring Grill
  • Natural Fiber Composite Cone
  • Inverted Surround Technology
  • High Power Strontium Ferrite Magnets
  • Integrated Nickel Plated Spring Terminals

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Tweeter Technology 

The cornerstone of this unique component system is our Air Motion Transformer, AMT for short. It is this individual transducer that extends your high-frequency reproduction to over 40,000 Hz and creates this texture, presence, and puts the emotion back into your listening experience.

  1. AMT’s lightweight pleated diaphragm moves side to side instead of the traditional backward and forwards motion, dramatically improving off-axis performance.
  2. Neodymium Rare Earth bar magnets create a robust driving motion structure in a compact size.
  3. Adjustable Spin Nut Mounting System adapts to the variable mounting thickness and lets you choose your preferred mounting location for simplified installation.

Precision Computer Designed Cone

Natural Fiber Composite Diaphragm – light for fast and accurate high-frequency reproduction, yet bound with natural fiber for short re-percussive accuracy.

Tangential Ribs dampen unwanted cone resonances that can cause distortion and “color” what we hear. Precision Computer Designed Cone curvature for a smooth, natural-sounding frequency spectrum.

Both the woofer and the midrange share the same PCD Cone Technology, significantly improving output with less distortion.

Inverted Surround Technology

Inverted UB Resistant Natural Butyl Rubber Surround resists power compression and is consistent in wide ambient temperatures that change the performance at varying volume levels.

Phase Optimized Crossover

  1. Midrange Contour Control Circuit for better off-axis performance.
  2. Tweeter Attenuation Circuit – 3dB/0dB Tweeter Attenuation Jumper.



PowerClass Speakers P.65C3 3-Way Components
Woofer Size 6.5” Woofer (Cutout 146mm)
Midrange Size 3″ Driver (Cutout 65mm)
Tweeter Size 1″ Tweeter (Cutout 46mm)
Frequency Response 20-40kHz
Woofer Mounting Depth 2.65”

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