E.5V Equalizer

5-Band Parametric Equalizer w/ LED Display

This EQ takes your input signal and allows you to alter and adjust the sound to your liking. The output signal is then delivered via the high voltage (up to 8.5V) pre-amp RCA outputs for the Front, Rear, and Subwoofer channels (Subwoofer output channel features an independent volume control knob on the face of the unit as well).


5-Band Dual Zone Equalizer with Auxiliary Input.

Maybe you’ve got an older car audio system that you want to get more from. Perhaps you’ve got an all-new setup that you want to get the maximum potential from. In either case, Precision Power NEW E-5V has (5) bands of equalization that’ll let you fine-tune your sound, along with independent master volume, subwoofer level, and fader controls that’ll maintain your highs and lows in balance.

The PWM-5V features RCA inputs so that you can connect them to your aftermarket system. The RCA outputs ensure that your amplifiers will get a clean, powerful signal for maximum performance. You will also notice this particular Equalizer has a built-in Voltage-Level Indicator.

E.5V Equalizer