BP.8 Bass Processor

Bass (Before Amp) Restoration Processor/Maximizer


They say music soothes the soul, but poor control of your system can kill the harmonics of a beautiful song or road trip. If you want to extend great-sounding music from your source to your amps, then get yourself a Precision Power Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor.

The BP.8 digitally maximizes the ultra-low bass on all types of recorded material. The processor detects bass harmonics, then digitally recreates the original essentials for the incredible punch and impact of live music. You get more bass!




selects the frequency boosted by the equalizer. This is the “center frequency,” which can be as low as 27Hz or 63Hz. Choosing this frequency depends on your taste in music.


increases or decreases the bandwidth range, or “Q,” boosting frequencies near the “center frequency.” Narrow Q focuses on harmonics immediately surrounding the center frequency. Wide Q unlocks harmonics all around the center frequency.


 is the amount of boost level. Your instincts might be to choose 10V because why not, but hold on a second… more isn’t necessarily better. In this case, more can be dangerous, potentially damaging your subwoofers.


lights above the equalizer controls are a visual representation of the boost level. Bright, continuous illumination indicates maximum bass enhancement levels have been relinquished. Remember, more isn’t necessarily better…


 included with this processor can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, but near the driver seat is recommended.


Bass Expander Signal Processor

Variable 27-63Hz Bass EQ
Variable Boost Q
Boost Voltage Limitation Control
Selectable 35, 50, 80Hz Subsonic Filter
10V Max Line Driver
Balanced Signal Inputs, Up To 15 Volts
Selectable Signal Grounding Mode
Selectable Ground Isolation
Dash Mount Remote Gain Control
THD: .003%
S/N Ratio: 130dB


Warranty Procedure 

Please complete the entire Return Authorization Request Form. Read carefully and fill out all the information accordingly. For non-warranty repairs, please provide details of the problem and request an estimate before sending the product. After receiving and approving your completed request, Precision Power will issue a Return Authorization (RA) Number, which will be forwarded to you via e-mail.

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